Welcome to the RC-Editor Help page.

Here's the help pages for the RC-600 / RC-505mk2 Editor.
I'll be updating this over the coming days, weeks, years
regardless of whether you use the RC-600 or RC-505mk2, you can also get help here: RC-600 Editor Facebook group

NOTE: If you wat help with a particular aspect of the editor, it's probably easier to reach out on the Facebook group.

Quick Help

Do you know where the looper documentation is?
Yes, you can get it on the Boss website by using a simple google search...
... or, you can use the links below :-)
RC-505MK2 Owners Manual, RC-505MK2 Parameter Guide
RC-600 Owners Manual, RC-600 Parameter Guide

Which operating system do I need?
to install the editor you will need the following minimum versions:
Windows 10 (Build 19041)
MacOs 11 (Big Sur)

How do I install?
1) Using the download button on the main website, download either the ".pkg" file for Mac, or the ".zip" file for Windows.
2) For Mac, once downloaded, just double-click on the .pkg file and follow the prompts.
3) For Windows, once downloaded, unzip the the .zip file and then double-click on the .msix file to install the app.

The install doesn't work? Things that have happened to other users...
1) Trying to install from dropbox doesn't work....copy the files locally to your hard drive!
2) If the download doesn't complete, check your anti-virus (it may be stopping the file downloading)
3) For Windows, a couple of users have had to manually install the file "Microsoft.WindowsAppRuntime.1.2.msix" located in the [Dependencies]/[x64] folder of the downloaded zip. After that, they could install the editor without issue.

Can I use the same licence on both my Mac and PC?
Yes... why not!

How do I license the app?
1) Download, install, and run the app (to make sure it runs for your setup)
2) On the home screen (or the about screen) click on the Unlock button.
3) The app will ask if you have a licence key, if not, it will open your web browser at the RC-Editors payment provider.
4) Once you have purchased the software, you will get emailed a licence key.
5) Going back to the unlock button, choose yes (I now have my licence key), then enter the same email address as you used when you purchased.
6) Paste in your licence key from the email you received.... job done!

How do I connect to my looper?
To connect to your looper, you first have to put it into USB "Storage" mode.
Press [MENU], [MENU], [usb], then set [storage] to 'ON'
NOTE: for the RC-600 the looper will remain flashing with the message 'Connecting' or 'Preparing' (this is normal)

If I have an error starting my looper, what do I do?
1) Relax
2) Connect a USB cable from the looper to your computer
3) Switch off your looper (take a deep breath)
4) Now follow the same procedure as doing a firmware update...
While Holding down the [EXIT] button, turn the Lopper back on.
Then the message "PREPARING..." appears on the display, and the unit is available via USB.

If your issue is DATA/WAV related, you can then copy your ROLAND folder to your computer somewhere (so you can investigate what caused your crash),
and then delete the folder from your looper and replace it with your backup.
If you don't have a backup, I have copies you can use here: RC-600, RC-505MK2
Please note...to date, the editor has never been the cause of a looper failing to boot (this info is just here to help you)

What's the best way to use the editor?
I would recommend that you use the editor to work on a backup of your loopers files.
You can use the editor to create a backup of your looper very easily
1) Put your looper into USB storage Mode
2) On the editor home screen browse to the loopers "Roland" folder (the blue button)
3) When you have selected the folder, the editor should then connect (or press the red button to re-connect)
4) Once connected, pres the green backup button. This will open a browser window where you should select the folder where you want the backup created. A backup will be created named [ROLAND YYYYMMDD] (where YYYYMMDD is todays date)

Sync to looper

How do I get my changes back onto the actual looper?

This video is a run through of getting your changes back to the physical looper hardware.

Set Lists

Short video explaining the RC-600 Editor set list functionality

Setlists are a really useful way to curate your favourite songs, templates, etc. and easily load them onto your hardware.

Auto Wav Convert

Importing WAV files using the Audio Manager

The RC-600 Editor can auto convert your wav files as you import them to ensure everything is 32bit, 2 channels, and 44100hz

Section Actions

Copying and switching common Memory settings

Section actions allow you move tracks, assigns, control pedal settings etc. in a quick and easy way.

Home Screen buttons


This video goes over the connection buttons on the home screen.

Theme Picker

Why is everything red?

Use the theme picker to choose a colour that calms your karma